Ear infections

Tui Ear Nurses are trained and experienced in recognising ear infections. We work in close partnership with your doctor to ensure the best treatment pathway and outcome for your ears. We aim to provide an affordable and accessible service to our clients.


If the Ear Nurse suspects you might have an ear canal infection, she will first of all meticulously clean your ear canal to remove all infected debris. She will then take a swab (small sample) of the infected ear to identify the causative organism and ensure you are on the correct treatment. In cases of acute infection where you might be in pain, the Ear Nurse can liaise with an onsite doctor to ensure prompt treatment (at no extra charge to the patient).

Reports and results will be forwarded onto your own doctor and appropriate follow up care based on your individual needs will be discussed. We believe in empowering you to look after your ears by delivery thorough education during your visit.


Middle ear infections happen when you are unable to ventilate your middle ear space, usually because the lining in your nose or throat becomes inflamed during illness. This may lead to a build up of fluid or pus behind your eardrum due to a blocked eustachian tube, causing a blocked feeling. The fluid may then become infected causing pain and fever.

Children are more prone to middle ear problems as they have shorter and narrower eustachian tubes than adults. Combined with regular colds and the inability to blow their noses well this makes for regular visits to the doctor.

Our Ear Nurses will be able to identify the abnormal appearance of your eardrum. She may also perform a small pressure test (tympanogram) to confirm her findings. In the case of acute infection with associated pain and fever the Ear Nurse can liaise with an onsite doctor to ensure prompt treatment. Follow up visits to ensure your middle ear returns to normal will be discussed, this is especially important in young children. Once again detailed education will be provided to explain the condition and management.