Ear Wax removal

Ear wax is produced when your ear canal is cleaning itself. The wax protects, lubricates and waterproofs your ear. At times wax may cause a build-up that needs to be removed.

If you would like to find out more about our ear wax removal service, give us a call today.

We specialise in microsuctioning which involves the Ear Nurse looking through a surgical microscope, allowing her a magnified view of your ear canal. The suctioning refers to a small cannula that is used like a miniature vacuum cleaner to remove the wax from your ear. The nurse may also use other instruments to ensure a good result.

All methods used by Tui Ear Nurses are pain-free and safe. At worst you may find the suction a bit noisy and otherwise a bit tickly. Microsuctioning can also be done on children, and is mostly tolerated well. Our nurses will normally try to use “quiet” instruments on children if possible.